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CognosPaul’s “Bag of Tricks”

Clipboard Editor

  • Copy anything to the clipboard that can be copied/pasted _within_ a report, and paste it in any other report--across browsers, environments and versions of Cognos.

  • Modify the XML behind objects to make changes to elements that may not otherwise be editable through the Cognos UI (for instance, change data item in a crosstab without removing the node).

  • More quickly and efficiently create modified copies of objects by modifying XML directly and using built-in find/replace text search, rather than clicking through multiple Cognos menus to update after making the object copy.

  • Add CSS to Classes/Styles for which Cognos does not provide a UI, then re-use across reports using normal Cognos implementation of Classes (for instance, set transparency on a background color).

Edit Parameters

  • Perform more effective unit testing on your reports by gaining visibility into the prompt/parameter being used to run a report while developing at any time.

  • Quickly, easily and directly modify parameter data while developing and testing

  • Add or clear values for individual parameters rather than using the built-in Cognos mechanism to "Clear all parameters" and having to starting over in re-adding all prompt defaults.

Cognos Paul’s “Bag of Tricks” is a free download that installs in 3 easy steps.