Powerful analytics software should make work easier, not harder.

It’s easy to lose the big picture when using Cognos. Thrive, our own detailed Cognos dashboard, shows what’s happening in your user environment.



Visualize your user activity.

  • Monitor your current and historic user performance

  • See the frequency of your user engagement

  • Understand report errors encountered

  • Know which Users, Reports, and Packages are the most (or least) active.

    Plus, Thrive retains audit information across upgrades.



Understand your User Adoption.

Thrive helps you monitor the adoption of new features introduced in Cognos Analytics. The “User Adoption Dashboard” shows information about which users are logged in and are leveraging data modules, dashboards, and stories.


Screen Shot 2018-10-08 at 8.52.52 PM.png

Get Meticulous Insights with Advanced Reporting.

Click on any report item to explore granular details. Get in depth information about each User, Report, and Package in custom drillthrough reports.



Troubleshoot with Accuracy.

Thrive keeps track of what reports are failing, and who they’re failing for. 

With advanced details about error messages for specific reports and users, you can quickly navigate to problem sources and address them before they become widespread.


Is Thrive the right fit for your organization?

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See the bigger picture.

Thrive is an IBM verified solution that works with Cognos 10 and Cognos 11 (Cognos Analytics). No matter your objective, you can use detailed insights on user trends, errors, and adoption to tailor and improve your business’s overall performance.

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