Why should you trust PMsquare as a Cognos authority?


We know a lot about IBM Cognos. We're not the braggadocious types (okay maybe a couple of our Sales guys are), but seriously we know a LOT. We have a guy on our team whose last name is nearly forgotten--he simply goes by "Cognos Paul." Our founder literally wrote an entire book about Cognos. If you've ever been to formal Cognos training, there is a decent likelihood that you've been trained by someone who's now on the PMsquare team.

You get the picture. If you need help with IBM Cognos, there is a very, very good chance we can help you. Need help architecting a completely new installation? We've done that many times. Ready to migrate to a new version but not sure about all the ins-and-outs of doing it? Let us clue you in. Need some mentoring on how to build Framework Manager models for reporting or how to use advanced dimensional functions? We actually think that stuff is fun, so let's talk. Want to do something totally crazy with Cognos you're not sure if anybody has ever done? Hmmm... we're intrigued and would love to help you flesh out the idea.

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