Cognos Upgrade Tools Come 'In the Box'


The PMsquare consulting team has a lot to say about Cognos 11.1, but to make a long story short, we’re impressed.  So much so, that we recommend including a Cognos 11.1 upgrade on your 2019 roadmap whenever possible. And thanks to recent developments customers can now leverage powerful tools to accelerate their Cognos upgrade and migration.


Motio and IBM

Since Cognos 11.1 was announced at Analytics University there has been a flurry of updates and excitement around the AI integration and capability enhancements.  But one update in particular has really caught our attention: the new partnership between IBM and Motio.  Now, MotioCI and MotioPI Professional are included ‘in the box’ when you upgrade to Cognos Analytics 11.1*.


Why we are excited

Leveraging tools like MotioCI and MotioPI Pro has been part of our upgrade best practice methodology for years.  Motio tools are designed to enhance administration and development processes in Cognos that are invaluable to an upgrade project.  PMsquare’s vast experience with Cognos combined with Motio tool capabilities such as mass updates, content store clean-up, and automated testing will make upgrading to Cognos 11.1 far easier and more efficient. Proper configuration of Motio features like version control will allow for more effective internal processes and a smoothly functioning analytics system.


Accelerate time to adoption

Here at PMsquare we are passionate about user adoption – we want customers like you to realize the full value of your solution.  We see the potential value of IBM’s partnership with Motio as one that can accelerate time to adoption.  A more efficient upgrade project means you can focus on what matters most: adopting and utilizing the most advanced version of Cognos to make better and smarter business decisions.


Next Level

Want to further turbocharge your Cognos upgrade process and facilitate a whole new level of analytics user adoption in your organization?.  PMsquare has developed an IBM certified solution called Thrive to help you monitor, measure, and manage utilization of new features and end-user adoption in Cognos 11.1.  It’s a powerful tool that allows you to do things like:

·         Determine what content is being used (and what isn’t)

·         Identify users with usage patterns indicating that they may need assistance

·         Surface performance bottlenecks in your environment

·         Track Cognos issues and more easily identify resolutions

Try Thrive for free today.


Next Steps

Contact our team to discuss your upgrade project today.  We are ready to help you take advantage of these upgrade tools and provide guidance around your Cognos 11.1 upgrade project. If you have any questions or would like PMsquare to provide guidance and support for your analytics solution, contact us today.