What are some key roadblocks to data discovery?


We know you want to launch into data discovery, delivery a gorgeous interactive dashboard, or build out some predictive models... but maybe you aren't quite ready. Maybe your data is stuck in normalized operational data stores on five continents and you couldn't query it if you wanted to. Or maybe you have data marts set up but your reports that utilize this data are running as slow as an airplane wi-fi connection. Or maybe you just need an extra set of hands to crank through some data prep work.

We can help solve any of these problems. Since we're passionate about delivering quality business analytics, we've developed quite the aptitude for preparing data for prime time using tools like IBM DataStage, Microsoft Integration Services, Informatica, and Tableau Prep. We can also help you select the appropriate modern storage and query solutions for your data and create models that are optimized for analytics usage. If this is something your organization is struggling with, reach out to us and soon you'll soon be struggling less.

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