Has Enterprise Reporting Died?


If you have been to any data or analytics conferences recently or you're tuned into industry analysts, you might be led to believe that enterprise reporting went away. But wait… do you still get reports in your e-mail inbox or printed copies handed to you in meetings that you rely on to understand what is happening in your business?

Yes? We thought so.

Reporting is not going away, and the tools for enterprise reporting are more powerful than ever; allowing massive data sets to be dissected and relevant information pushed (or "pulled" on-demand) to the people who need it most in your organization, allowing them to make optimal decisions. These reports can be triggered based on events that happen in your business, therefore minimizing noise and ensuring the important information isn't missed,. and They can also be made available wherever your users are and in whatever form they are most comfortable with (desktop, mobile devices, and yes—we can make reports that look impeccable when printed).

Whether you need help getting a brand new enterprise reporting system up and running or you have thousands of reporting customers already and just want to elevate your game, we can help. We’ll help you modernize your environment and create reports that leave people wondering who was the brilliant mind behind them (and we’ll give you all the credit).

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