Why are Health Checks Critical to your Business Performance?

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So your organization has been using Cognos for a while? Well how about that? We probably have a lot to talk about. In fact, we KNOW we have a lot we can talk about. You probably have in mind some pain points or aspect of Cognos that you would like to tweak, and when we chat, we'll likely have some ideas for ways to optimize your system that hadn’t crossed your mind. We've actually developed a structured methodology for analyzing the health and performance of your Cognos Analytics system so that you know where you stand and where there is room for optimization.

We would also love to talk with you about "user adoption". In other words, are the people for whom you are building reports, dashboards, scorecards and data models actually using them and getting what they need?

We think a focus on analytics adoption is so important that we locked our development team in a room for a few months until they wrote a slick piece of software that provides analytics about your analytics. It’s called "Thrive," and it enables you to unlock insights about who is doing what in your Cognos system. We’ll show you how to leverage those insights to boost user adoption and expand the use of data-driven decision making in your organization—making you look like an analytics genius in the process.

In case you’re concerned about our dev team locked in a room for months… don’t worry! It was a very nice room, well-stocked with snacks and comfy chairs—and we unlocked it whenever they asked us to.

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