Introduction to Relational Reporting (Instructor-Led)

Introduction to Relational Reporting (Instructor-Led)



This Cognos Analytics course is designed to allow business users to create simple reports and analyze their data using relationally modeled packages. In this course, you will learn how to create reports with relational data sources using crosstabs, charts, and lists.


This course is for business and professional report authors.


One day

Overview of topics

  • Examine Cognos Analytics environment

  • Examine Cognos Analytics interactive report output functionality

  • Examine report authoring

  • Create reports (crosstabs, charts, lists)

  • Sort data output

  • Group related rows

  • Summarize data

  • Create calculations

  • Filter data

  • Prompt data

  • Highlight report data with conditional styles

  • Integrate external data

  • Discuss differences between building reports with relational sources vs dimensional sources (optional)

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