Creating Active Reports with Cognos Analytics (Virtual Instructor-Led)

Creating Active Reports with Cognos Analytics (Virtual Instructor-Led)



Creating Active Reports with Cognos Analytics is a course in which students use active report controls to build interactive reporting applications to create online/offline dashboards. Topics in the course converting to Active Reports, working with Active Reports controls and variables, using RAVE Visualizations in Active Reports, creating simple or complex Active Reports. The course also includes discussions on best practices for building Active Reports for mobile devices and dashboards.


This course is for professional report authors.


One day

Overview of topics

  • Discuss the value of active reports

  • Examine active reports controls and variables

  • Convert an existing report to an active report

  • Review the various active reports toolbox items

  • Build reports using the toolbox items

  • Distinguish between filter and select

  • Examine decks and cards

  • Explore properties to use in active reports

  • Examine master-detail relationships and decks

  • Discuss best practices and guidelines for building active reports

  • Design active reports for mobile devices

  • Build a mobile report using slider and iterative controls

  • Using visualizations in

  • Review the process that should be followed when designing a Cognos active report dashboard.


  • Intermediate report authoring (or equivalent experience).

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