Cognos Analytics Overview (Instructor Led)

Cognos Analytics Overview (Instructor Led)



 This course is an introduction to the Cognos Analytics environment. The class will introduce the key concepts of business analytics as well as introduce the tools in the Cognos product set and discuss how the tools are used to provide insight to the company. The class will also introduce the participants to the Cognos Analytics web portal and will demonstrate, with hands on examples, how consumers can run reports, set properties, schedule reports, create jobs, create report views, and navigate through the Cognos Analytics environment.


This course is a comprehensive overview useful for all users of Cognos Analytics.


 One day

Overview of topics

  • Introduction to Cognos Analytics

  • Cognos Analytics tools

  • Common business analytics terminology

  • Cognos Analytics web portal page features

  • Toolbar options

  • Navigating Cognos Analytics

  • Searching in Cognos Analytics

  • Managing content

  • Running reports

  • Report options

  • Scheduling

  • Jobs

  • Run history

  • Report properties

  • Report views

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