Metadata Modeling with Framework Manager ( Instructor Led)

Metadata Modeling with Framework Manager ( Instructor Led)



 The Metadata Modeling with Framework Manager course provides participants with knowledge on how to model metadata with Framework Manager using Cognos modeling recommendations as a modeling strategy. Initially, participants will review generic modeling structures and techniques as a foundation for the rest of the course. They will then be introduced to basic modeling concepts and naming conventions in the Framework Manager environment, followed by more complex concepts and techniques to resolve reporting traps. Throughout the course, participants will model both operational and star schema metadata for predictable results, as well as create a dimensional model to be used for OLAP style querying.


This course is for data modelers.


Two days

Overview of topics

  • Identify the purpose of Framework Manager and where it fits in the big picture

  • Prepare metadata

  • Model for predictable results

  • Identify common data structures and reporting traps

  • Create business views

  • Secure metadata to allow appropriate access by users

  • Model a star schema data source

  • Manage OLAP data sources

  • Identify generated SQL for modified query subjects

  • Identify generated SQL in complex queries

  • Optimize and tune Framework Manager Models

  • Use advanced parameterization techniques in Framework Manager


  • Knowledge of SQL and data modeling

  • Experience with relational management systems (RDBMS)

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