Cognos Analytics Health Checks

We've developed an adoption-focused methodology for analyzing the health of existing Cognos Analytics systems, so that you know where you stand and where there you have room to optimize. Then, we'll help you attack your greatest pain points.

Enterprise & Financial Planning

We use IBM Planning Analytics to help teams enforce data-backed financial planning. We'll train you to use Planning Analytics to tests scenarios, validate forecasts, and explore your organization’s financial performance on an ongoing basis. We can even help build brand new planning models, automate your existing processes, or make interactive reports and dashboards to explore your organization's financial performance.


Predictive Analytics, Prescriptive Analytics & AI

AI, machine learning, and predictive analytics are becoming more accessible — but to become business accelerators, you must feed them huge quantities of data. We can advise your approach to data governance, prep and cleanse your data, and start you off with some new predictive models.

Custom Executive Dashboard Development

We design and develop dashboards that give you detailed access to the data that matters most to your operational strategy. All of what matters, none of the fluff.

enterprise reporting.png

Improved Enterprise Reporting

Enterprise reporting isn't going away. Tools for reporting are more powerful than ever before, which means that you can make better and better decisions. We can program your software to run exportable reports after certain business triggers, so you can stay up-to-date on important insights, minus the extra noise. We do everything from setting up new reporting systems to modernizing existing reporting systems.


Professional Data Visualizations

When we visualize data, we make sure we're unlocking actionable insights — not just making pretty pictures.


Self-Service Analytics & Data Discovery Enablement

Self-service tools are powerful, but Gartner has estimated that 90% of self-service projects fail due to inadequate data governance. We've established methodologies that enable self-service analytics and discovery without sacrificing data quality.


Data Prep for Better Performance


In order to launch into data discovery, deliver a dashboard, or build predictive models, your data must be primed for performance. Maybe it's stuck in data stores overseas, or maybe your data marts are slower than airplane wi-fi. Or maybe you need an extra set of hands to crank through some data prep work.

We can prepare your data with tools like IBM DataStage, Microsoft Integration Services, Informatica, and Tableau Prep. We can also help you create models for better analytics usage, and show you how to choose appropriate modern storage and query solutions.