Cognos Portal Customization

Do you remember how tedious it was to custom skin Cognos in the 10.x portal? Fortunately, in the new and more extensible version of Cognos Analytics, much of that process of customizing your environment is now much easier to implement and maintain.

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Craig Colangelo
Cognos Analytics Version Control

Have you ever made a change to a report that broke something unintended? How do you quickly revert back to the previous version? How do you see all of the recent changes to figure out which one caused the issue? This is where version control becomes incredibly useful.

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Rory Cornelius
Thrive with Increased User Adoption

If you want to use Cognos to its maximum potential, knowing how Cognos is being used within your user community is vitally important.  You need to know who’s using it, how often, and what content is utilized most often.So how do you make user adoption thrive in Cognos?

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Ryan Dolley
Big Data to Smart Data: How to Structure Your Analysis

Big data is often seen the enabler of continual competitive advantage.  But it’s no big surprise that big data can be unwieldy.  To help you convert big data to smart data, here are some recommendations and guidelines to help you tweak your knowledge and industry experience to make them your own.

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Pankit Dhawan
Custom JavaScript in Cognos Analytics – Date Prompts and Datasets

In the previous article we talked about controls via custom javaScript in Cognos Analytics.  We created a select prompt that dynamically generates list of field names in a specified list, and allows the user to toggle the visibility of individual columns.  In this article we’ll spend some time on date prompts and datasets and look at cases where we don’t need to generate an interface control, and go over a practical example.

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Paul Mendelson