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Drilldown Breadcrumbs in Cognos Analytics

The drilldown techniques in Cognos are wonderful, click on a column or a row in a table, and you can drill down, and down, and down.  But drilling up doesn’t always work well, and sometimes you just want to go back directly to the top level.  Sadly Cognos doesn’t provide a quick and easy breadcrumb solution, but with the advanced drill options it’s possibly to make one so let’s dig into drilldown breadcrumbs in Cognos Analytics.

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Cognos Security Smarts

Cognos comes with a lot of built-in groups and roles that are difficult to manage from a security standpoint and do not always cater to the needs of every organization.  PMsquare recommends an intersection approach of capabilities and functional group security to create a flexible and maintainable model for Cognos security.

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