Introducing Incorta: A Game-Changer for Data Prep


A vision of the future

As Director of Strategic Technology at PMsquare I am constantly evaluating new technologies and approaches to solving age-old data problems. It’s given me a certain perspective on what truly drives change (hint: two parts culture for every one part technology) and a healthy dose of skepticism about silver bullet solutions, particularly to longstanding challenges around data management.

Consider how many times in the last decade a new technology rendered the classic enterprise data warehouse ‘obsolete’ only to crash into the brick wall of reality once it was implemented outside the tech giants. These platforms brought novel approaches and intriguing technologies which did indeed solve specific problems in the analytics industry. But with each came significant technical downsides and, more importantly, failed to fundamentally alter the culture and practice of enterprise class data delivery. Swapping around the letters in ‘ETL’ does not a revolution make - can you say ‘data lake?’

This is why I’m extremely excited to announce today that PMsquare has partnered with Incorta to offer rapidly deployable, hyper-scalable analytics solutions that solve the fundamental challenges of traditional ETL and data warehousing with incredible technology that, for the first time to my eyes, promises a paradigm shift in how analytics practitioners and data consumers relate to one another.

That’s a big claim – why does skeptical ol’ me believe it? Imagine an analytics platform that offered:

  • 1 to 1 data replication from source system – no ETL of any kind

  • Full fidelity, near real-time replication from source – no aggregation tables

  • Incredible performance regardless of amount of data or complexity of joins

  • Instantaneous drill-up, drill-down and drill-through

  • Rapidly incorporate any data – other RDBMs, files, APIs, etc…

  • Built-in logical modeling for business rules

  • High quality built-in visualization studio

  • Integrates with Cognos and other visualization/reporting platforms

Trust me, I can hear you now – ‘Yeah right Ryan, and you’ve got a bridge to sell me too.’ Surely such a system is massively complex, incredibly expensive and requires an army of experts to maintain… In other words, a data warehouse.

For me, this is where the rubber meets the road. The Incorta platform goes from install to production in 6-12 weeks. Not 6-12 months (like a traditional data warehouse) or 6 to “well-we-never-went-to-production-did-we” (like a data lake). This radical improvement in delivery time and the incredible simplicity of adding new data or adjusting existing data makes concepts like ‘agile data warehouse’ an achievable reality. Just imagine what you, your department and your organization could do once freed of the ETL-bound DW/BI backlog of infinite work.

I like to think I’ve so earned your trust over the years that you’ll pick up the phone and call PMsquare immediately, but as I noted, your skepticism is well earned. So don’t just take my word for it – ask Broadcom, Starbucks or a ‘Top 3 Social Networking Site’. And more importantly, attend our upcoming webinar to see for yourself how Incorta overturns the apple cart of traditional data warehousing and analytics. I’m extremely excited to see you there. 

Webinar Information

Introducing Incorta: A very spooky Halloween webinar spectacular

Thursday, October 31, 2019

1:00 PM - 2:00 PM


We think the Incorta platform could be transformational to how your business prepares data for analysis—truly reducing time to insight. Tune into our October 31st webinar to see how!

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