21 Reasons to Attend BACon 2017


1. A Full Plate of Analytics 

This year we are delivering more content than ever to help you unlock value from your analytics solutions.  View our conference agenda for a breakdown of sessions and trainings.

2. Expert Training

Our trainers have years of instruction expertise and real-world consulting experience to equip you with techniques, tips, and tactics.

3. World of Watson is Canceled

By now, you’ve probably heard the news. But that doesn’t mean you have to miss out on conference-level workshops and presentations.

4. GameWorks

Be honest, you need to have fun once in a while. Our GameWorks reception is the perfect way to wrap up day 1 of the conference.

5. Where is Cognos Going?

Take a closer look at the latest releases (R6 and R7) to Cognos Analytics and find out where Cognos Analytics is going.

6. Get the Big Picture

Understand the future direction of IBM as it pertains to analytics and ensure your organization is prepared for what comes next.

7. Invest in Yourself

Professional development is a critical way to stay ahead of the game.

8. Cognos Paul

If you have been in the IBM analytics space, chances are you have come across an article or blog post from ‘Cognos Paul.’  He will be leading an in-depth training session of custom JavaScript in Cognos on the technical track.

9. Bacon

It’s not only the conference namesake, there will be bacon; lots of bacon. * If bacon is not your thing, don’t worry – we have plenty of other delicious options.

10. Thrive

End user adoption is one of the most important drivers of the long-term success of any analytics solution, which is why we are excited to unveil our new Thrive solution.

11. Arlington International Racecourse

This iconic venue is where day 2 of our conference is held.  Enjoy the stunning views and race day excitement.

12. Networking

Meet other IT and business professionals as well as members of the PMsquare team and IBM executives.

13. What’s new in Planning Analytics

Explore the latest improvements in Planning Analytics.

14. Genius Bar

Get your questions answered. Technical experts from PMsquare and IBM are available on demand for one on one consulting.

15. SWAG

Enough said.

16. Data Science

Dive into the data science experience and find out how it can drive success within your organization.

17. Advice

Find answers, strategies and insights to optimize the value of your IBM Analytics solutions.

18. End of the Line for Cognos BI

Support for Cognos business intelligence ends in 2018. Ensure a pain-free migration.

19. Sharpen Your Skills

Take a break from business as usual to pick up new perspectives and ideas for your organization.

20. Data Design

Uncover practical approaches and concepts to visualize your data better.

21. Beat PMsquare in Pop-A-Shot

If you can!

Next Steps

If you have any questions or would like PMsquare to provide guidance and support for your analytics solution, contact us today.