Cognos Tips – Using Text Variable on a Null/Missing Crosstab Value

The Problem: No Data in the Fact Cells

A common requirement that I come across is to have 0 values render in crosstab cells where there is no data at that intersection of the column and row dimensional/attribute data.  This is especially common when the output to Excel (spreadsheetXML) is used and empty cells are not conducive to proper Excel techniques.  In this post, I will show a helpful Cognos reporting tip – how using Text Variable property can fix this problem.

Resolution: Using Text Variable

Utilize the status() and CellValue() report expression functions, along with the Text Variable property of the crosstab’s Fact Cells to conditionally return 0 when there is no intersection of data (NULL/Missing), we are cooking with gas.  Let’s take a look.


Assumption(s): Report exists that already contains a crosstab; Developer knows how to create variables, and work with components of a crosstab, the ancestor picker, etc..

Select the crosstab’s Fact Cells (this can be done by clicking a crosstab node, then using the right-click menu in C10 or the floating toolbar’s “More” … in C11 to select crosstab Fact Cells)

Find the TEXT SOURCE > Source Type property… change it from Cell Value to Report Expression
Set the report expression to 0 (this will actually never be used after the following steps are taken)

With the crosstab Fact Cells still selected, locate the Text Variable property, click the … button

  • Select New boolean variable

  • Set the name… I will use v_Status=0

  • In the Variable’s Expression, use:
    status(CellValue()) = 0

  • Click OK

Set the design variable v_Status=0 to Yes

  • Set the TEXT SOURCE > Source Type property to Cell Value

Set the design variable v_Status=0 to No

  • Set the TEXT SOURCE > Source Type property to Report Expression

  • Set the report expression to 0

  • Save

Since the Boolean variable v_Status=0 is always True (Yes) or False (No) the crosstab’s Fact Cells will only ever be CellValue() when True, or 0 when False.


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Next Steps

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Mark Karas