BACon 2018 Overview

BACon 2018: Business Analytics Conference

August 8 – 9, 2018 | Chicago, IL

BACon 2018 is our signature conference and provides opportunities for technical enablement and hands-on training; tactical and strategic planning guidance for how to gain more value from your organization’s data; networking with peers who are working on solving similar data-related problems; all combined with a strong focus on customer appreciation… in other words, we’re going to have a lot of fun as well!


2200 W Euclid Avenue Arlington Heights, IL 60005

We are pleased to host our 2018 conference at the iconic Arlington International Racecourse.



IBM Analytics Roadmap

Explore the future of IBM’s Analytics solutions.  Examine how emerging trends in the data and analytics landscape are shaping the direction of IBM business analytics.

Advanced Technical Workshops

Hands-on workshops with the most advanced IBM analytics tools with guidance from technology experts.

Development and Implementation Track

Leverage new features, utilize tools to empower advanced analytics, and explore best practice recommendations to modernize your Cognos Analytics environment.

Strategy and Planning Track

Examine the tactics and approaches necessary to enhance the value of your data and analytics efforts within your organization. 

Knowledge Sharing

Uncover useful insights in our keynote presentations and through peer to peer workshops.

Genius Bar

Meet one on one with PMsquare technology experts for guidance around your business or technology questions.

Networking Receptions

The interactive setting of the conference and the receptions allow for professional networking with the PMsquare and IBM teams as well as like-minded professionals from other organizations.


Conference Tracks and Sessions

Advanced Technical Workshops

Data Modules, Data Sets, Excel Uploads and How It All Works Together

Take a holistic approach to develop rapidly, increase performance and unlock self-service in Cognos Analytics.

Planning Analytics Workspace Walk-through

Explore the latest interface of TM1 and leverage the latest enhancements in the Planning Analytics Workspace.

Customizing Cognos

Hands on workshop to learn how to customize the look and feel of Cognos Analytics. 

Development and Implementation

Everyone Needs Boundaries – Mapping with Cognos Analytics (Workshop)

How to make Cognos Analytics 11 R11’s new ‘custom boundaries’ for geographic mapping feature work for your business.

Lessons Learned: CQM to DQM conversion and Cognos Analytics Upgrades

Investigate the the pitfalls and best practices we’ve developed for performing CQM to DQM conversions during Cognos Analytics upgrades.

Cognos Upgrades

A discussion of the best practice recommendations for Upgrading to Cognos Analytics and ensuring lasting success developed from our experiences upgrading clients to the new version.

Watson Analytics / Cognos Analytics Integration

Current considerations for Watson Analytics / Cognos integration and what’s on the horizon. 

Motio Solutions

Leverage specialty solutions to ensure your upgrade to Cognos Analytics 11 is successful and that you avoid common pitfalls.

Build Your Own Chatbot

Hands on workshop to learn how to use IBM Watson Assistant to plan, build, test, and integrate a custom chatbot to deliver a personalized and engaging experience for your customers.

Strategy and Planning


What is it and how does it fit in to business analytics?

IBM Licensing Updates

In this session you will learn about the latest licensing updates and newly introduced programs related to IBM’s analytics products.  Get answers to your questions during an interactive Q&A forum.

6 Things Which Will Spell Disaster For Your Project

A review of toxic practices that will sabotage productivity; how to spot them; and strategies to avoid them.

Introduction to Design Thinking

Features and Techniques in Planning Analytics

An overview of features in Planning Analytics and examples of these features in action.


Explore cutting edge solutions to the emerging trends in the Analytics and BI space.

Networking Reception

2200 W Euclid Avenue
Arlington Heights, IL 60005

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